Magical Realism: Course Outline

This programme will explore way English can be used to extend our perception of reality and in doing so, to open our minds to what is right in front of us.

Schema A: Character

As we develop our hypothesis about what literary and linguistic features define the Magical Realism genre, we’re investigating a number of simultaneous lines of inquiry in our core text ‘The Book Thief’

NCEA 2.9 – Genre Study

A longitudinal investigation of the Magical Realism genre via a self-selected study of written texts and films.


Today we explored what the annotation we’ve been discussing looks like in practice. I shared a couple of annotated pages, and my colour coding system. Here are the all the notes from these pages: Colour

A Schema for Literary Analysis

In today’s lesson we discussed the system for classification that English Literary study uses to organise our analytical responses. We talked about how this scheme is essential for any higher-order analysis, as it allows us

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